Unify's deep experience and expertise enables organizations to deliver business transformation by driving agreement on business changes, helping to understand the implications of these business changes for organizational processes and the technology that supports them, and managing the shift from one mode of operation to another.  Unify consultants have a unique ability to seamlessly shift from the strategic to the tactical, influencing business and IT stakeholders alike, while adopting a collaborative approach to realizing your business transformation vision. Our services include:


Unify's three-step business transformation envisioning service helps you to:

  • Define the vision and values that will guide
    your transformation effort
  • Define the purpose and objectives
  • Define short- and long-term goals, and how they will be achieved

Process Change

Unify understands that process mapping and process change are not equivalent; we work with you to:

  • Help understand the implications of business change for your organizational processes
  • Manage the design and implementation of these new processes
  • Ensure process change goals are quantified

Business Architecture

Unify's Business Architecture experts will help:

  • Ensure sound business architecture principles and practices guide the transformation journey
  • Ensure organizational structures & processes have the capacity to make the transformation journey
  • Ensure effectiveness and efficiency are built-in transformation outcomes

Requirements Excellence

Requirements Excellence must be built into all transformation efforts. Unify works with you to:

  • Prioritize and agree requirements with stakeholders
  • Ensure continuous requirements quality assessment
  • Ensure your transformation effort meets the customer and stakeholder expectations

Solution design

Unify's focus on customer-centric design ensures business changes are aligned with and anticipate customers’ needs. We work to:

  • Align your solution with customer expectations
  • Ensure your transformation effort delivers customer satisfaction
  • Build agility and responsiveness into your solution

Business Analytics

Unify ensures transformation is quantifiable; we work with you to:

  • Define operational and technology changes needed to support new organizational processes
  • Test and implement in data-driven waves
  • Ensure that business changes are aligned with the transformation vision