The Unify
Brand Position

A brand position is a statement that articulates our promise of value and difference. This position, represented by our name & logo, conditions client expectations of the experience they will have with our company.

Following internal discussions & careful consideration, Unify has adopted a strategic position that expresses the many distinguishing characteristics of our brand.

The essence of Unify’s brand is: Optimal Opportunity

From that essential idea, the following brand positioning statement was adopted:

We liberate both clients and consultants from the binds of corporatism, and harness the power of collaborative alignment. Balancing the interests of the individual and the group, we take a stand to work with authenticity in Open Alliance. We are experts united with our clients to elevate possibility and drive Optimal Opportunity for all.

Brand Values


Easily understood. Rapid translation. Easy to exchange from one state to another. Adept. Smoothly graceful and easy.


Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Well-organized and competent.


The ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. Versatile. Capable of devising ways and means.


Dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion. To see broadly. A thing aimed at or sought; a goal.


Disposed to a favorable view, to expect the most favorable outcome.


Companies have personalities, just as people do. Some are refreshingly fun, some are morbidly serious. Unify’s brand personality reflects the way that we uniquely express our character – through the tone & manner or look & feel of a Unify experience, to reflect our brand’s values.

Unify Personality


Brand Design

Becoming the recognized leader in business consulting requires us to design an exceptional client experience.

As such, design is a strategic resource that we are committed to grow, manage and protect.

As part of this process we have developed new identity standards that each of us should recognize and understand. As part of this strategy, brand management will be a "core" element of the operations plan.

Unify has refreshed its logo identity.

This visual identity builds on the idea of a Venn diagram. At the same time, it bolsters our image as a energetic, contemporary consulting company.

Visual Identity

Design Standards:

We have developed a new design system for consistent application. We will give the authority to make design decisions within these standards, coupled with responsibility to manage this as the only approved brand design system for Unify.



LL Circular



PT Serif



Brand Messaging

For Consultants

We believe the interests of clients are best served when seasoned consulting professionals work on behalf of each other – not layered under one another.

For Client Organizations

Unify presents a holistic view. We align commonly siloed business and functional units, to strategy, uniting business processes, people and data.

For Clients

Our very best work is a process of co-creation with our clients – tailoring solutions to your needs.

We seamlessly integrate. Creating a more natural fit, we complement the client team, while maintaining the objectivity and independence of good counsel.

What does this
mean for me?

What will change?

A comprehensive design system has been developed, and production-ready templates for essential communications materials will be available over the coming weeks and months. These include:

  • PowerPoint Template
  • Profile Templates
  • Website, and more

Additional materials are in development.

The design system includes carefully selected, and intentionally limited colors, typography, iconography, image-styles and messaging themes – so that the presentation of our brand is focused, consistent and high quality.

When is this change happening?

This change will be evolutionary – but purposeful.

Beginning in mid-November, the entire organization will begin migrating to a refreshed visual identity and message to the market. This transition should be conducted as soon as possible, and fully-completed within one year.

Each decision to replace/re-fit communications with the new identity will be made on a case-by-case basis, with respect to the company’s resources and commitment to the environment.

What do I need to do?

Effective branding requires a significant, firm-wide commitment to consistency & clarity. Our brand must be reinforced at every touch-point with the client – from the look & feel of our website, to the way that we conduct ourselves.

First, we ask that you recognize the value of having these standards. Getting more of us rowing in the same direction, at the same time, will create a dominant force that serves us all.

Next, we ask that you begin to use the new materials, in accordance with the standards and guidelines, when they are rolled out over the next several weeks.

Last, we expect you to be brand ambassadors; keeping in mind that “brand” is an initiative we conducted this year. Instead, brand is our business driver, it’s the way in which we “do” business. It’s “why” people choose to work with and for Unify.

How will we communicate the change to our clients?

This is an excellent opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to being a long-term, end-to-end partner to our clients. We have developed an email announcement that will go out to all clients within a couple of weeks after the brand launch, that will support this change. We will also be meeting with our current clients to explain the change, and answer any questions they have.

Rep the Brand

Brand Support

If you have questions regarding our brand position, brand design, messaging or materials, please contact:

Margo Fraker

VP & Chief of Staff to CEO

Dave Albano

Digital Marketing, Strategy, and Analytics Leader